K. Martyniak, London ON

"We knew we wanted to renovate our kitchen and had a preliminary vision for the end result, yet every time we met with various contractors to put our ideas into effect the project felt overwhelming. As busy working professionals with a young family, we quickly became overburdened with our renovation plans - there were too many people to coordinate and far too many decisions to make. Then we were introduced to Sara and our plans took flight! She connected us with all the right people and guided us in our decision-making process; while taking into account our personal styles and goals. Sara was extremely well organized, advocated for us with contractors and her enthusiasm was contagious! Working with Sara is what turned a previously arduous renovation into an exciting and truly pleasant experience. In short, Sara turned our dream kitchen into a reality – we would most definitely recommend her to our friends and family!" 

A. Pietraszko, Baden ON

"It was so great to meet you, I'm so thankful for your consultation and super excited about this proposal - can't wait to get started on changing our outdated house!  You definitely understood what I have envisioned but couldn't figure out on my own, I'm so eager to see these colours on the walls.  I will happily recommend you to friends and family!" 

J. Fulmer, London ON

"A year ago I stumbled across Sara's talent on Instagram.

Background: Everything I own is bright in colour and doesn't match. My living room is splashed with random, meaningless knick-knacks. The furniture looks like I live in a dorm room (I graduated nearly 10 years ago...). Uncoordinated furniture, and plastic everywhere... As I am sitting here, writing this, I am surrounded by: a pillow with a dog's face on it, a coffee table with leopard print place mats, a turquoise Easter egg blanket and another blanket with Christmas lights on it. It's September - not Christmas, and definitely not Easter. I am soon moving into my dream apartment, but my style (or lack thereof) doesn't match the space. Sara has been quite literally my fresh start. I wanted to come home from work and feel relaxed. Not cluttered, disorganized and disheveled.

My thoughts on where to take the new apartment's design were all over the place. After an in-depth consultation, Sara NAILED the proposal. I'm talking, tears streaming down my face before hitting the end of the second page. It was EVERYTHING I could have asked for - incorporating the most important things to me: my dog and my work. The design felt like "me" - a refined and simple version. She didn't eliminate the things that I love: she made me consider what I really needed, and then brought those items into the space. Fast forward a few weeks, and I am 22 days away from move-in. Sara has guided my shopping, curbed my unnecessary knick-knack purchases, and has focused the project in a way that I could have never done on my own. She is professional, budget conscious, hands-on and always there when you need her. Her skill is undeniable, and SJC Design is her heart. You can feel Sara's passion and love for her work within minutes of meeting her."

D. Teixeira, Waterloo ON

 “Sara did an amazing job at helping us choose colours for our home. She has a great eye for matching colours.  She is very professional and knows how to handle differing opinions to help us choose the right look for our home.  We are very happy with her suggestions and used them all.  Our house now feels like a home!  We have already recommended her to friends and family.  Thanks Sara!” 

N. Romain, Waterloo ON

"We had been holding off on painting our house for almost two years because we couldn't agree on a colour that would suit us both or whether an accent wall would really work. With Sara's help, we were able to find the perfect main colour and a colour for our accent wall that compliments perfectly. Sara was also able to help us with a new colour for our front door which was very different from what we first had in mind but ended up looking better then we could have imagined! We were so impressed with Sara's professional approach to the consultation and the tools she provided us with in order to make our decision. Thank you for everything Sara - we really couldn't have done it without you!"  

A. Pitt, London ON

" I consider my design style as very eclectic so sometimes I find my spaces a bit disconnected. Sara helped me pull together my cherished family pieces with my thrifted DIY finds into a beautiful space I love to be in everyday! She also helped me create whimsical yet sophisticated spaces for my son and daughter. I am so thankful for her creative and enthusiastic spirit!"